Liberty Church Project with Pastor Chuck Baldwin


By filling out our online application form you are requesting a personal visit and training session with Dr. Chuck Baldwin (and possibly his team) for the purpose of starting a new liberty-oriented, unincorporated, non-501c3 church or fellowship. You might be a layman or group of laymen who are willing to start such a fellowship and guide it along until an ordained minister can be found to permanently lead the church. Or, if you are currently the pastor of a church, you want Dr. Baldwin to come and help you guide your church into becoming an unincorporated, non-501c3 fellowship. Or, perhaps you are a pastor who is attempting to lead his congregation into becoming a liberty-oriented fellowship. Or, you desire to introduce your congregation to the patriot pulpit. Or, you may be a minister who is willing to relocate if you could find a group of liberty-oriented Christians who are looking for a patriot pastor. The Liberty Church Project is designed to help with each of these goals.

Please note that these applications are for serious applicants only and will be ranked according to the need and merit of each individual application.

**Before we proceed further, we will review this application and someone from Dr. Baldwin's staff will need to call you personally. This process could take several weeks or even months. Please provide your phone number, postal address, and email address. Thank you very much.


Are you the pastor of an existing church or fellowship?

Will you be the pastor or lay leader of the church or fellowship?

What is the city and state in which the church or fellowship is, or will be, located?

What is your age?

How long have you been a Christian?

Please provide details on how you became a Christian.

What is your church background and experience?

What is your educational experience?

What is your marital status?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If so, please explain.

Are you a U.S. citizen?

What is your occupation?

How long have you followed Dr. Baldwin's work?

How many of Dr. Baldwin's sermons have you watched?

Do you regularly read Dr. Baldwin's column?

If you are wanting to start a new fellowship, do you have a meeting place secured?

If you have a meeting place secured, what and where is that meeting place?

If you have an existing church or fellowship, how many people are currently worshipping with you?

If you are starting a new church or fellowship, how many people are willing to help you establish this new work at the present time?

If Dr. Baldwin and his staff come to help you, how many people would be in attendance at this meeting?

Should Dr. Baldwin decide to conduct a meeting for you, the project will be paying for the vast majority of the expenses, but there will be a financial commitment on your part. ("Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also") This is a commitment fee. Dr. Baldwin will be spending thousands of dollars and much time and energy to come help you. Your paying this fee let's him know that you are committed to making this meeting successful. Remember, Pastor Baldwin may be bringing several people with him. He will also be providing written materials to help you after he and his team leave the meeting. This fee may vary, but should fall in a range of normally between $750 - $1,000, depending on location and number of participants. It will also be your responsibility to procure a meeting place for the event (homes are usually not workable). Are you willing to meet these obligations? Please elaborate, if needed.

Please briefly explain your goals and strategy for your new, or existing, church or fellowship?

Typically, the meeting with Dr. Baldwin will be a mid-week meeting consisting of, at least, two evening sessions and one full day's worth of sessions. Will that work for you?

Dr. Baldwin might bring a camera crew with him. Do you have any objections to any of these sessions being video-taped?

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